dinsdag 3 mei 2016

Daily happiness

We lived without a dog for more than a year, Sam died in december 2014, i missed him greatly, i noticed my walks where different, there was no need for early morning walks and it was less fun to walk alone.

It was time for an other dog, now we have Rosa, a little spanish stray dog, i am very grateful and happy for my early morning walks with her.

We found her in a animal shelter in Spain, where we where brought by my dear friend Jessica.

She is totally different then Sam, and also very dear to us.

Early morning walks give me quality me-time on a daily basis.

I am out in the elements and get lots of fresh air.

I have time to do my pranayama exercise, walking meditation and some yoga.

I start slowly connecting to nature, my nature, the earth, the wind, and everything else i see around me.

I hear incredibly wonderful sounds like birds singing; a woodpecker, an owl, the wind in the leafs of the trees.

I connect to other animals; like a squirrel, a mouse, a deer, other dogs and socially to other humans that i meet on my walk.

And i notice it hardly never rains!

Watching Rosa play and run, sometimes with four legs in the air, is like watching children play, totally happy and in the moment.

I see a lot of green, that connects me to my heart chakra.

Up close i experience the change of the seasons, on a grand scale and nearby, including the change in the big trees.

While walking i am aware of my feet, it is like a massage, which according to other traditions gives the whole body a positive input.

I know i have given my body the daily exercise it needs. The earlier in the morning i walk to more silence i encounter in a busy world.

My walks give my inspiration for the rest of my day and time to reflect on what is important.

And most of all i am aware, i stand still and am aware and at ore about the magic of nature, of life.

What a great way to start my day!